We are GOJEK, a leading multi-platform technology group that provides access to a wide range of services including transportation, payments, food delivery, logistics, and more. We’re planning to launch in Singapore with our ride-hailing service ‘GOCAR’ soon, and you’re invited to opt in for an opportunity to be one of the first to drive with us!

Who Are We?

GOJEK is an on-demand mobile platform that’s founded on the principle of using technology to improve lives. We hope to use our technology to bring more efficiency and productivity to Singapore.

Why Ride With Us?

We believe that quality partners are crucial for the success of any ride-hailing platform. We’re known for our commitment to having a positive impact on partner communities in the other countries we operate in.

We Are Arriving Soon!

Opt in today and be one of the first partners to drive with GOJEK – unlock the freedom to earn whenever you want.