Better rides coming your way. From easy, effortless bookings to reliably affordable fares, your ride-sharing days (and nights) are about to become a little brighter. As we warm up our engines for the whole of Singapore, we’ve also partnered up with DBS to give their customers priority access to the GOJEK app during this BETA phase.

We aren’t just a tech company

We’re also a nifty little app that offers everything from on-demand transportation to lifestyle and payment solutions. We’ve since evolved from a small call centre for motorcycle taxis in Jakarta into a hyper platform for millions in over 50 cities – including Singapore!


While we’ve come a long way, our ethos of improving lives through innovation will never change. Now that you know a little about us, and now that we’re here, how about experiencing it for yourself?

How to use the app


Select your destination

Tell us where you’re going – enter your pickup and drop-off destination


See your cost up front and book a ride

We’ll let you know how much your ride costs – ORDER GOCAR when you’re ready


Pay in app

GOJEK accepts payments via card and cash


Enjoy the ride

Get ready as the nearest driver-partner makes their way to you


Tell us how you feel

The good, the bad, and the ugly – we want to hear it all

Be a driver-partner today

At GOJEK, you aren’t just a driver, you’re a partner. That means more honesty, better conditions, and fairer incentives to help you get more out of every ride. Hey, that’s what partners do, right?

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