Bergabunglah bersama Kami.

Bergabung bersama GO-JEK sekarang dan rasakan manfaat bagi Anda dan sekitar.


Bergabunglah menjadi driver GO-JEK dan dapatkan jam kerja fleksibel dan pendapatan yang dapat Anda atur sendiri.


Daftarkan bisnis Anda di GO-JEK dan kenalkan bisnis Anda kepada jutaan pengguna kami.


Bergabunglah menjadi Mitra GO-JEK dan jadikan kesempatan ini untuk meningkatkan kemampuan dan pencapaian Anda.



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Who we are
GO-ACADEMY is a talent incubator that produces world class tech talents in Indonesia's Tech Industry

Our mission
By producing more world class tech talents, we can unleash Indonesia's greatest potential

Our approach
We have various programs curated for you. Find out which one suits you best!



2-days program to expose future engineers to the rapid growth of tech industry.

An exclusive experience to upscale your knowledge about Clean Code, Agile, and GOJEK Product 360. Got the first-hand exposure from our GOJEK engineers. Opportunities are limited, only for 20 grittiest students across Indonesia.

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Tech and Business Intelligence Internship

12-week tech internship program for students with tech backgrounds

We started with a 1-week boot camp about industry best practices followed by 11-weeks of working on exciting, impactful, and complex tech projects using Elasticsearch, Kubernetes, Docker, LXD, Golang, Ruby, Kafka, etc. while being closely mentored by our senior leaders. Check out our timeline here!

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Tech Campus Engagement

Customized hands-on workshops in partnership with universities to get tech students up to date with current industry practices.

In our previous programs, we've drilled down on Test Driven Development, Design Pattern, Microservices, CI/CD, DevOps, Agile, and many other things!

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Tech Blog

Stories from our engineers about GO-JEK's work, culture & practices

Find out more how we manage 1 million drivers with 12 engineers, build resilience in large scale distributed systems, and handle microservices at scale!

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Tech Talk

Insightful talks by Go-Jek engineers in collaboration with tech communities and companies to share relevant practices

We name our talks, GO-TALK. Previously we collaborated with JVM User Group, ID Ruby, GoJakarta, Jakarta JS, UXID, Google, Amazon, and many more. Find out more about our next GO-TALK!

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