Do You Dare To Disrupt Yourself?

Please explore to see if GO-JEK's the right fit for you.

What Kind of People Fit GO-JEK Culture?

We are as strong as our people, and together we drive positive change. We are one family, building a better future for Indonesia. When you put a bunch of passionate folks under one roof, amazing things happen. We need you to help us make more amazing happen.

Be Courageous

Adventurous. Audacious. Daring. Take pride and ownership of decisions. Fast thinker, even faster mover. Strong communicator.

Do, There Is No Try

Problems are solutions waiting to be discovered. Embrace them. Tackle them. Solve for x. Learn. Do. Fail. Learn Again. Get it done!

No “I” in Team

Positive. Kind. Helpful. Share and celebrate successes. Lead by example. Put team first.

Love Thy Customer

Not that way, silly. Tweak, revise, update. Learn from our users and their experiences. Refine. Then learn some more.

Every Insight Matters

Data Driven. Critical. Deconstruct the challenge. Prioritize solutions.

In GO-JEK Career Journey, each individual has the opportunity to


We are all creators.
A career is not about moving up in a ladder, but about creating a legacy.


We are all leaders.
Leadership is rooted in driving positive impact that inspires people.


We are constantly disrupting ourselves.
Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Changing the world is hard work.
Here’s how we unwind!


Position Location
Account Executive JABODETABEK South Jakarta Details
Backend Engineer South Jakarta Details
BI Analyst - Allocation South Jakarta Details
BI Analyst - GOLIFE South Jakarta Details
BI Analyst - GOPAY South Jakarta Details
BI Analyst - Marketing South Jakarta Details
BI Analyst - Transport South Jakarta Details
BI Analyst - UI/UX South Jakarta Details
Creative Director South Jakarta Details
Mobile Developer South Jakarta Details
Product Manager South Jakarta Details
Quality Assurance Engineer South Jakarta Details
SAP Engineer South Jakarta Details
Senior UX Researcher South Jakarta Details
[Talent Pool] Marketing Manager (SP0) Palembang Details
[Talent Pool] Marketing Manager (SP0) Balikpapan Details
[Talent Pool] Marketing Manager (SP0) Makassar Details
[Talent Pool] Marketing Manager (SP0) Medan Details
[Talent Pool] Operations Manager (SP0) Medan Details
[Talent Pool] Operations Manager (SP0) Palembang Details
[Talent Pool] Operations Manager (SP0) Balikpapan Details
[Talent Pool} Operations Manager (SP0) Makassar Details
UX Designer South Jakarta Details