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  • GO-JEK is a new social enterprise that partners with a group of experienced and trustworthy Ojek drivers to deliver a one-stop-shop convenience service for Jakartans.
  • Don't let traffic slow you down. Our drivers are spread across town and are ready to pick you up and take you wherever you'd like to go.
  • We understand urgent.  GO-JEK can immediately pick up your documents/small items and send it anywhere in Jakarta.  How's that for instant?
  • Need quick shopping? Hungry for take out food? Let GO-JEK do the buying and delivering for you.
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Generasi Baru Ojek Jakarta

We believe that Ojeks are a valuable asset but have not reached their full potential. GO-JEK aims to unleash that potential by enabling its drivers to provide multiple services that go way beyond transport. GO-JEK is open Monday to Friday 6am -10pm, Saturday 10am - 10pm to Sunday 10am - 10pm, including on holidays.

Corporate Services

With over 32 businesses signed up, we are busy serving multiple corporate clients. Click here to see our corporate services page and see how GO-JEK can help your company move faster.

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Lets face it, you can't get anywhere in Jakarta faster than on a motorcycle. Our drivers are spread across multiple locations in Jakarta, and our system will always find the driver nearest to you!

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We recruit drivers carefully using a referral system to ensure all our drivers are experienced and reliable.

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We have trained Call Center Agents ready to take your bookings and provide our drivers with navigational assistance and customer coordination to solve any problems in the field.

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All you have to do is make one call to our Call Center, we'll sort out the rest! We can take pre-order bookings, or even coordinate regular pickups for you, your family, or your employees.

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Tired of haggling and getting ripped off on the polluted streets of Jakarta? GO-JEK calculates all fares by distance and is agreed upon upfront.

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We aspire to improve the livelihood of hard working Ojek drivers in Jakarta. We believe that Ojeks are a great asset for Jakartans and can bring great value as a professional service.

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